Chinese Repression and Uyghur Militancy at Eurasia’s Crossroads

From Hudson Institute Background: With the launch of the PRC’s Silk Road Belt initiative, the region known to Chinese as Xinjiang and to Uyghurs as East Turkestan appears set to reprise its historic role as the strategic crossroads of Eurasia. In Xinjiang, indigenous Muslim Uyghurs have long suffered under harsh rule, and the region has been plagued by communal violence between Uyghurs and Han Chinese … Continue reading Chinese Repression and Uyghur Militancy at Eurasia’s Crossroads

In memory of Eliott Sperling

Ilham Tohti Initiative (ITI) is very sad to announce the sudden death of its long time friend Elliot Sperling, in New York, on the 28th of February. A brilliant scholar of East Asian Studies Elliot Sperling was well known for his understanding of Tibet history, his mastery of the Chinese language, and his friendship with Ilham Tohti, prominent Uyghur economist, unjustly jailed in 2014 and … Continue reading In memory of Eliott Sperling

What is the Ilham Tohti Initiative?

The Ilham Tohti Initiative (ITI e.V.) is an organization based in Germany (Fasanenstr. 79, 85757 Karlsfeld) named after the renowned and unjustly imprisoned Uyghur academic: Professor Ilham Tohti. The ITI is a multi-national entity open to anyone regardless of nationality, ethnicity and religious affiliation, who agrees with Prof. Tohti’s ideals and shares his vision. The Ilham Tohti Initiative has the goal to promote Prof. Ilham Tohti’s ideas and help to put them into reality. Continue reading “What is the Ilham Tohti Initiative?”

China Wants You to Forget Ilham Tohti

Source: Human Rights Watch, September 20, 2016

It’s been two years since Ilham Tohti, a well-regarded ethnic Uyghur economist and peaceful critic of the Chinese government, was sentenced to life in prison by the Xinjiang People’s High Court for alleged “separatism” after a grossly unfair trial. Tohti and his family had already endured years of harassment and periods of house arrest by state agents, but in September 2014 Beijing evidently felt it necessary to take him off the grid permanently. Continue reading “China Wants You to Forget Ilham Tohti”

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Timeline of Ilham Tohti’s Case

Source: Human Rights Watch, September 15, 2014

Late 2005

Living in Beijing and teaching at Beijing’s Minzu University of China, Ilham Tohti establishes “Uighur Online,” a website published in Chinese and Uighur “to provide Uighurs and Hans with a platform for discussion and exchange.” The website serves as a platform for Uighur social and cultural issues, as well as Chinese policies in Xinjiang. Authorities periodically shut the website down. Continue reading “Timeline of Ilham Tohti’s Case”

Declaration of Pier Antonio Panzeri, Chair of the EP Human Rights Subcommittee

 22.6.2017 EU-China Human Rights Dialogue should be strengthened and sharpened, says DROI Chair, Pier Antonio Panzeri (S&D, IT) on the occasion of the China human rights dialogue on 22 June 2017. “At the recent EU-China Summit (1-2 June), the European Union and China agreed to hold their 35th human rights dialogue on 22 June 2017. In view of the deteriorating human rights situation in China … Continue reading Declaration of Pier Antonio Panzeri, Chair of the EP Human Rights Subcommittee

Qu’est-ce qu’Ilham Tohti Initiative?

Ilham Tohti Initiative, ITI, est une organisation localisée en Allemagne (Fasanenstr. 79, 85757 Karlsfeld) fondée en l’honneur d’un universitaire ouïghour réputé, injustement emprisonné, le professeur Ilham Tohti. ITI est une entité multinationale ouverte à tous ceux qui, quelles que soient leur nationalité, leur ethnie ou leur religion, poursuivent les idéaux d’Ilham Tohti et partagent sa vision. Elle a pour objectif de promouvoir les idées d’Ilham Tohti et de contribuer à leur réalisation. Continue reading “Qu’est-ce qu’Ilham Tohti Initiative?”