Press release, March 3, 2017

The situation in Xinjiang is rapidly deteriorating. We, the members of ITI, deplore the fact that Xinjiang’s Communist Party secretary Chen Quanguo should use such vocabulary : “Bury the corpses of terrorists and terror gangs in the vast sea of the people’s war” when mentioning the hundreds of people who have died under the violent movement of repression which is actually taking place in Xinjiang. We … Continue reading Press release, March 3, 2017

Ilham Tothi prison appeal

Ilham Tohti is the most renowned Uyghur public intellectual in the People’s Republic of China. For over two decades he has worked tirelessly to foster dialogue and understanding between Uyghurs and Chinese over the present-day repressive religious, cultural and political conditions of the Uyghurs, a Muslim Turkic people living mostly in modern China’s northwestern Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. As a result of his efforts he was sentenced in September 2014, to life in prison following a two-day show trial. He remains a voice of moderation and reconciliation in spite of what has been done to him. Continue reading “Ilham Tothi prison appeal”

Qu’est-ce qu’Ilham Tohti Initiative?

Ilham Tohti Initiative, ITI, est une organisation localisée en Allemagne (Fasanenstr. 79, 85757 Karlsfeld) fondée en l’honneur d’un universitaire ouïghour réputé, injustement emprisonné, le professeur Ilham Tohti. ITI est une entité multinationale ouverte à tous ceux qui, quelles que soient leur nationalité, leur ethnie ou leur religion, poursuivent les idéaux d’Ilham Tohti et partagent sa vision. Elle a pour objectif de promouvoir les idées d’Ilham Tohti et de contribuer à leur réalisation. Continue reading “Qu’est-ce qu’Ilham Tohti Initiative?”

Ilham Tohti 2016 Martin Ennals Award Laureate for Human Rights Defenders

October 11, 2016

The Award is given to Human Rights Defenders who have shown deep commitment and face great personal risk. The aim of the award is to provide protection through international recognition. Strongly supported by the City of Geneva, the Award will be presented on Oct. 11th.

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